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Ahm not dead i just need halp! Please remember that im not, all i need are some lines, i have professional equipment for improved sound quality, remember that my voice acting sample is here

sorry, im actually working quite hard on this next one, just lay and wait

Woot for samples!!!

2008-08-12 01:59:57 by lifelessman

Hello, and if you recall earlier i said i would get a sample up, and HERE IT IS!!!
My Voice Acting Sample

sorry but my mic has been broken for the past few days, but i shall be getting a sample recording up soon!

Voice Acting

2008-06-14 14:18:27 by lifelessman

Hey guys and gals, i don't really make any flash animations, but i can do a lot of voice acting if you want, and I'm open for voice acting, as well as that, I can read other languages really well (with the exception Spanish, i can only roll R's using the back of my throat as result of tung surgery when i was young) so if you have any voice acing requests please PM me.